We Hate Hangovers Too.

And, we definitely can’t stand shi*ty flavors.

Get A Buzz, Not A Brain Fog.

Not a fan of hangovers? No problem.

We’ve infused our seltzers with premium hemp derived delta 8 THC. Potent and powerful, blitzd thc seltzers elevate your mind, while leaving your body tingling for more.

And the best part is…
You won’t have to worry about getting hungover.

That’s right! Just enjoy that euphoria.

Power the Mind, Improve Focus.

Infused with green coffee bean extract, each blizd d8 seltzer contains up to 20 mg of caffeine to help boost your mind and encourage concentration throughout the day.

Guilt free Deliciousness.

Stop feeling guilty and start indulging!

You don’t have to feel guilty about this drink because our d8 seltzers contain no sugar, no calories & no alcohol. Enriched in green coffee bean extract and antioxidants, the blitzd d8 seltzer leaves you feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

lime d8 seltzer

A light buzz takes the edge away.
blitzd cannabis seltzers.

Lime THC Seltzer.

Zesty with a punch.

Zesty with a punch of refreshing chill, this mouthwatering cannabis seltzer is infused with premium delta 8 thc. It’s fast acting and fueled with antioxidants, ensuring you receive nothing but chillness & goodness.

  • lime d8 seltzer
  • watermelon d8 seltzer 4 pack

Watermelon THC Seltzer.

Sweet and cooling.

Sweet, cooling, and full of deliciousness. This lightly flavored cannabis seltzer is the perfect choice for summer parties. Its subtle flavor & energizing effects leave you with a light social buzz.

Blood Orange THC Seltzer.

Citrus with a twist.

It’s like drinking sunshine! Zesty, citrusy, and slightly sweet its the thc seltzer meant for the everyday person. Every sip leaves you energized & focused, every moment leaves your mind bewildered and buzzed.

  • blood orange 4 pack

Don’t neglect your tastebuds.

FAQ blitzd thc seltzers.

What Makes Our D8 Seltzers the Best?

Through innovative nanotechnology, we’ve combined our premium delta-8 THC into our drinks, ensuring fast absorption & immediate effects. Our delta 8 thc is nano aka reduced to over one-millionth of its original size & it’s also water-soluble. This increases its bioavailability and ensures you can experience your high within minutes of consumption.

How do Delta 8 Seltzers make you Feel?

Like sunshine & rainbows without the couchlock, with a generous blend of caffeine & delta 8 thc, blitzd seltzers leave you feeling energized & ready to conquer the world. There’s no couchlock, no headaches, and no fatigues.

Just blissful serenity.

How much THC is in blitzd seltzers?

Every can of blitzd cannabis seltzer contains 30 mg of delta 8 thc & 20 mg of green coffee bean extract.

How Long Does it Take for Our Delta 8 Seltzer to kick in?

A few sips can go a long way! Within just a few minutes of consuming blitzd delta 8 seltzers, you’ll notice your body overflow with energy while your mind buzzes away. And the best part is that the effects can last up to an hour.


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