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What should you expect from Bliztd D8 Seltzer?

Anti Oxidants and a Boost of Energy

Blitzd is perfectly formulated for staying out. It’s jam packed with anti-oxidants and a little jolt of caffeine, just enough to keep you going. 

What makes us different?

Zero Calories

Guilty free pleasure with our zero calorie, zero sugar beverage with a kick of natural caffeine.

The Best Flavors

The most refreshing flavors made with your tastebuds in mind for a great taste. 

THC Benefit

THC infused to ensure you always receive the benefit we all know and love

Choose your Wellness path

Pure Hydration

Blitzd is the markets best solution for hydration, a seltzer with antioxidants and THC.

Stay Social

Every party needs a great drink! Blitzd is the go to choice to keep the party going.

The Power of Blitzd

Blitzd is taking the world by storm, kick the alcohol, stay energized and take the stress off!

Discover Our
Special Formula

Blitzd is formulated using nano cannabinoids from the world renowned lab, Nano Hemp Tech Labs. Nano cannabinoids are designed to give better effects and last longer while maintaining amazing flavor. Blitzd also has a natural boost of caffeine to always keep the party going.

What Makes GetBlitzd the best delta 8 seltzer on the market?

Through innovative nanotechnology, we’ve combined our premium delta-8 THC into our drinks, ensuring fast absorption & immediate effects. Our delta 8 thc is nano aka reduced to over one-millionth of its original size & it’s also water-soluble.

Faster Acting

This increases its bioavailability and ensures you can experience your high within minutes of consumption.

Harder Hitting

Nano Cannabinoids will hit you harder for the best effects.

Great Taste

The most refreshing THC seltzer on the market.


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