Wellbeing Is Our Passion

Blitzd is not only the best beverage option when you party but it can provide a lot of benefits also. Blitzd is jam packed with antioxidants to help stimulate your body to excrete all of those terrible toxins our body holds onto from the poor foods we eat and alcohol we drink.

We combine this amazing benefit with a little natural caffeine to help keep you moving, it’s clear Blitzd can help lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t forget about all the greatness that comes with THC, we all know and love! ❤️ 

Farm to Bottle

Blitzd all starts with the highest, award winning, certified cannabis which is then made into our proprietary nano powder that gives Blitzd it’s THC goodness. We then combine the nano with a little natural caffeine to keep you “happy.” This combo, with our incredible flavors makes the most refreshing seltzer on the market.